domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Jason Derulo Vocal Range

Vocal Type: Spinto tenor A2-C6
Vocal Strengths: Jason has a solid falsetto that is actually rather impressive. He has an obvious ear for melody that bodes well for him as a songwriter. Unfortunately, much like his record sales, all other aspects of his voice come up short. It's not that he's a god-awful singer, but his utter lack of any discernably human personality gets in the way of him being believable most of the time.
Vocal Weaknesses: Limited vocal ability is overcompensated by thick layers of autotune and digitally enhancing pro-tools, courtesy of [insert any Top 40 Pop producer]. Jason's voice is so faceless and unassuming that when it's not adorned with the studio's bells & whistles it becomes easily forgettable. His voice needs to be dipped in a lot of sauce for it to taste good. On its own it's as dry as unbuttered toast.

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