domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Trey Songz Vocal Range

Vocal Type: Dramatic tenor (Ab2-G#5)
Vocal Strengths: Versatile R&B vocalist who tends to use the full extent of his voice on all albums and most singles. Rich falsetto swirls up and down the scales with commanding authority. Sings with power and conviction that's often mistaken for singing "too hard" and/or "too forceful". Well-nuanced voice that shows signs of professional training in contemporary, as well as classic, R&B vocal stylings. Awkward vocal ticks and inflections makes Songz's velvety voice instantly recognizable.
Vocal Weaknesses: Excessive use of vibrato makes him sound like a angry goat being strangled and violently shaken, while simultaneous enduring an earthquake. He's the male Rihanna, in terms of his affinity for throaty runs and guttural growls. He barks notes instead of singing them. Strained notes can sound painful to the listener

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