domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Lea Michele Vocal Range

Vocal Type:Soprano
Vocal Range:2 Octaves 5 notes and 4 semitones E3-D6
Vocal Pluses:Technical singer with a good grasp of her voice as a whole, thus the sound it produces is always supported well. Her chest voice is crystal clear and has great dynamics, with the higher belted notes being reached through the aid of mixing with the head voice. Her intonation and delivery is also brilliant meaning her voice can effectively communicate a song's emotion and sentiment without sacrificing the audibility of the lyrics. She is also able to reach the D6 with her head voice check out this video
Vocal Negatives:Her vocal styling means that the vast majority of her performances have a theatrical feel to them, suggesting a limitation to the genres she can sing. Also her chest register can sometimes sound overbearingly strong/piercing, especially when the notes aren't softened with vibrato.

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