venerdì 4 gennaio 2013

One Direction Vocal Range

Vocal Range: 2 octaves 5 tones 3 semitones B2 - G5Vocal Strenghtness: Harry Styles distinct in the sense he has a ‘grit’ somewhat gruff nuance within his voice; tends to project better than Louis or Niall. Liam Payne Usually is the member singing the lower solo parts. He does sing in falsetto at some points.  He is very distinct as the lower voice who solos at the very beginning of “Live While We’re Young.Zayn Malik Possesses the most pop/R&B suited voice.  He often handles the runs and soulful ad libs. He projects extremely well and has a power tenor. He sings higher than Harry and Liam, but not as high as Louis. Louis Tomlinson Has the highest tenor of the band. It is understandable why he received less attention the first go around because his voice is pure, but somewhat thin and requires a specific part. He does have a solid voice and it adds a nice contrast to Harry’s nuance and Liam’s lower register. Niall Horan sounds stronger and receives more attention. He may have the most indistinct voice of the group. He’s not really flashy  and doesn’t possess Louis’s piercing tenor or Zayn‘s ad libs. He holds his own as the only Irish member, I suppose.

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