mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

Bruno Mars Vocal Range

Vocal Type: Light tenor 3octaves  C3-C6
Vocal Strengths: Bruno Mars' voice is eerily similar to that of a young Michael Jackson, circa Off The Wall, both having easy breezy tenors. Voice doesn't pack too much of a punch but it has lasting stamina and dexterity, thus making it easily capable of fast melismas. Voice has a romantic, somewhat-feminine undertone that adds a comforting sensitivity to his recordings. Ability to hit a D5 (live) in full voice with accurate pitch.
Vocal Weaknesses: Voice is top heavy with not much support on the bottom, resulting in his low notes losing their weight, clarity, and control. Though a skillful belter, Mars' voice lacks in the power department. Habitual smoking causes notes above D#5 or Eb5 to sound unpleasantly flat. Boyish voice sometimes sounds a little too pubescent.

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