mercoledì 7 agosto 2013

Talking About Jennifer Lopez's Song "Live It Up"

Last year we listened to the brand new Jennifer's song "On The Floor" and we all know it was an amazing song, it had a big success, it was a summer hit. This Year she tried to do the same with "Live It Up" but it didn't work, a big failure. Why so? The lyrics, yes bad lyrics can ruin a whole song and that's what happened to Live It Up, the lyrics don't match with the song. It would have been a great song if it had talked about a break up between a girl and a guy, the girl is happy about that because she was tired of this guy who took a joke of her for a long time, now she can't wait to start a new life.
What do you think? Do you think I'm right or wrong? Let me know with your comment :)

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