domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Usher Vocal Range

Vocal Type: Spinto tenor with substantial heldentenor capabilities and a vocal range spanning over 3 octaves (approx. A2-Bb5).
Vocal Strengths: Throughout Usher's wide range, his vocals ooze raw, unadulterated sexual energy and passion. His vocals are rich, creamy and smooth, boasting unwavering fluidity. Maintains crystal clear clarity in the highest reaches of his falsetto ("Burn"), all the while never sacrificing diction. His low notes are thick and chocolatey, his chest belts are powerful and his head voice is impressively supple even when hitting high G5's. Usher is Beyonce's counterpart in terms of being able to dance full-out and sing well at the same time. The vocal maven of contemporary pop and R&B.
Vocal Weaknesses: With trends in music ever evolving, Usher gingerly hopped on the euro-pop bandwagon seeking hollow No. 1s, but unfortunately lost his soul in the process. Most of Usher's singles released after Tameka-gate feature uninterestingly dull vocals atop generic house beats. His voice no longer has that spark. Some sound advice for the entertainer would be to stay away from anything produced by David Guetta, RedOne, or their ilk — their artificial productions kill all traces of soul in his voice.

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