lunedì 14 gennaio 2013

Prince Vocal Range

Vocal Type: Dramatic Tenor
Vocal Range: E2-C#7
Whistle Register: Yes
Vocal Pulse: vocal technique, vocal control, intonation, power
Vocal Weakness: Sing too much in falsetto, voice starts to disappear when he gets higher

3 commenti:

  1. I read that due to the position of his passaggio (Eb4) and the timbre of his lower notes and low speaking voice, Prince could be a Baritone, maybe a lighter one. He has a good falsetto in the 5th octave -end of the 4th where it starts to get stronger , too bad he doesn't have a good mixed voice that would connect to his falsetto giving it stregth and turning it in head voice. He should start the lighter mix halfway through the 4th octave and instead he flips more or less in weak falsetto, if not on a weakly mixed almost full or shouty A4. His falsetto has not too many variations timbre wise, but volume wise he can regulate it, sometimes he makes it more rounded and sometimes more squeky. He has a very nice and extended voice, but he should learn by someone like Eddie Vedder, a baritone like him, how to give real strength to the high notes.

  2. hes a counter-tenor guys ;)