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Lady Gaga Vocal Range

Vocal Type: Mezzo-Soprano
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Range: 2.7 octaves (C3-B5 approx)
Vocal Pluses: Powerful, passionate voice, with a rock tinge. Expressive and well controlled voice that does not lean on melisma to impress, though she is capable of using this vocal technique if required. Lady Gaga's low notes are well supported, and have a dark, solid and weighty timbre to them. The mid-range can be melodic and lyrical as well be utilised in a talk/singing fashion- see Poker Face.

The lower part of the belting range has a weight, and thick timbre to it along with a strong resonance. This resonance can be carried into the higher part of the chest register- past a C5- but it calls for the use of improper technique, making the sound raspier and raw, as its placed in the throat. These qualities can be eliminated, at the expense of the resonance of the voice, by mixing with the head voice. The sound produced is clearer and brighter with a healthier sound.

The head voice alone can be light and airy- see the chorus of Paparazzi- or thicker and with an operatic like tone- see the intro of Government Hooker. Lady Gaga's vibrato is strong, quick and reminiscent of that utilised by stage singers, but she is capable of singing without it  if she chooses.

Vocal Negatives:
Lady Gaga's high belting can sound like shouting at times, which would indicate bad technique or singing outside of her range.

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