sabato 5 gennaio 2013

Chris Brown Vocal Range

Vocal Type:  Spinto tenor, 3 octaves G2-G5
Vocal Strength: The duality of his tone ranges from earthy and sexy to bright and agile, depending on what the song calls for. Incredibly rich lower register maintains its clarity even at its extremes. Usually sings in full voice with a husky tone and a slight nasal drawl that [now] appears to be diminishing more and more with age. Ad libs, runs, and riffs usually contribute to the overall melody of the song and are skillfully implored. Brown is excellent at vocal arrangements and harmonizes well.
Vocal Weaknesses: Chris' vocal timbre is arid, catarrhal, and dry. Doesn't display much variation in vocal styles and shies away from vocal acrobatics, instead treads safely in his middle register. Brown's voice isn't very strong nor heavy. Chest belts can sound strained and forced when pushed to the limits of his upper register. Although melodic and complimentary, his ad-libs lack variation and creativity. No vocal stamina, particularly live.
For some reason, Chris always sounds "unwarmed-up" and hoarse, especially live. High belts past C#5 sound thin and whiney compared to the usual thickness of his voice. When trying to overtly project his voice, Brown sings from his head instead of his diaphragm. Limits himself as a competent live singer due to his inability to reproduce computerized [electro-pop] notes live. Chris Brown's lip syncing has become second only to Britney Spears. But at least he still has the dance moves to make up for it.

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